"There are several outstanding supporting performances…Alex Arthur's saintly, doomed Helen"  
-Everett Evans, The Houston Chronicle

“DIAMOND DOGS is bold, expressive, raw and seductive. The cabaret style rock musical is an interpretive concert of David Bowie's seminal 1974 album by the same name. Remarkable staging and direction along with an impressive cast and an outstanding band lead the way. Superb lighting, projections and costumes contribute greatly to the winning formula. A FEATURED EVENT. GO!” – Performing Arts LIVE 

"Alex Arthur is simply marvelous as Cinderella, singing the exceedingly difficult "Steps of the Palace" to perfection."  
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Leading Ladies Holt and Arthur have delightful stage presence and melodious pipes…Arthur soloing a pair of the show's best musical numbers, The torchy "With Every Breath I Take" and the bouncy "It Needs Work". " 
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Working with Arthur was ideal because we saw the role in the same way. 'I didn't really have to direct her at all, she completely embodied what my idea of Jaime was,' she says. 'Working with Alexandra was a director's dream come true, as she completely understood her part and was great in every take.'"
-Cerise Films/ Backstage.com

WINNER 2009 Tommy Tune Award Fastrada (Pippin)